How to order

To order any service, please contact us via email or telephone.



Please send email with your request to


Please call us at +39-339-57-53-161, +39-392-022-75-79 or +39-392-92-87-396 or send a fax at +39-06-97-616-766. You will find us from 9am to 6pm CET (Central European Time), otherwise leave a message.

How it works


Please send us all flight/train/ship details: time, airport/train station/port, flight/train/ship number. Should you need another transfer when leaving, please send the return flight/train/ship details too.

Tell us your mobile phone number, too: it's very useful in case of delays or problems with luggage.

We will record your arrival in our booking list right away (no advance payment required), and will immediately send you confirmation of the reservation.


Ten days before your arrival, we will send you a voucher with the following data:

  • flight/train/ship arrival time;
  • meeting point;
  • destination.

You will receive one voucher for each shift; please bring them with you.


You will pay the driver for the service, either cash or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners credit cards.

Meeting point

On the agreed date and time, the driver will be waiting for you outside the custom area of the airport/train station/port, holding a sign with your name in plain sight.

Thank you.